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The Skin-Bender is a demon who has the ability mold the flesh of other beings into whatever she wants. She started to terrorized a small town that Johnny Blaze was in. She finds out that she can't affect the flesh of Blaze, as he was already changed. She demanded to know who changed him and threatened to hurt a child if he didn't tell her. Johnny gave her the answer and she wanted to see his "true face". To feel the fire that burned inside of him. When Johnny turned into the Ghost Rider she was fascinated, seeing him as the most beautiful thing she had ever seen, strangely falling in love with him. She offered herself to him and to work together to change the world in a twisted way, all he had to do was to say the word. However, the only word the Ghost Rider said to her was "Burn" as the sky rained fire that destroyed her followers and restored most of the other people to normal. Despite this the Skin-Bender was happy as she believed that he was embracing her with his fire as she burned. Johnny turned her into a ball of burned flesh and bone with one eye, while she still asking him to burn her again, and throw her far away into the sea. Later a sailor from the same town people told the story to his mates while fishing which they didn't believe and while they were bulling the net they were attacked by twisted sea creatures and the one who told the story of the flesh demon was confronted by the same demon he told its tale moments ago asking him to give her a hug.[1]



Skin-Bender have the power to twist the flesh of any living being.[1]


She is vulnerable to the fire of the Ghost Rider thought she won't die she will be weakened by them.[1]


  • The Skin-Bender take the appearance of an anime character called Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon.
  • The Skin-Bender sees the Ghost Rider as the most beautiful being she ever saw.[1]

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