Skinner was said to be the most brutal Lilin to ever walk the earth. After the fall of Lilith, Skinner went into hiding. Years later after Lilith came back, she went seeking for the other Lilin. This lead her to search for Skinner. When she found him, it turns out he has started a family with mortals in the woods. At first Blackout and Pilgrim try to talk to Skinner but fail. However, he is then persuaded by Lilith. In the end Skinner killed his human family and joins the Lilin once again.[1]

This led him into confrontation with Johnny Blaze. After a violent struggle, Skinner was seemingly burned to death by Blaze until his skeleton emerged from the flames. Skinner lamented how Blaze destroyed the only thing he had left of his human family; their skin which he wore. Ghost Rider arrived in time to aid Blaze who shot hellfire from his shotgun into Skinner over and over again. As they left, Skinner rose from the flames again.[1]

Months later after Lilith's second return, Skinner got himself back to health and went after Blaze again this time seriously wounding him almost killing him.[2]

He would later appear in the Black Hole where he was stopped by Ghost Rider.[3]


Skinner is a member of the Lilin species of demons, and as a result he possesses all the abilities which the Lilin possess. Skinner has Superhuman Strength and Durability (Class 25). He's immune to the effects of aging and conventional diseases.

Skinner's true form

Strength level

  • Skinner possesses superhuman strength.



  • Skinner possesses razor-sharp protusions of bone from all over his body, enabling him to cut through wood, concrete, and even steel.

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