Skooter was a member of the Rebels and close partners with Janis Jones. The two of them were searching through the city for fellow rebel Ruby Summers when they came across her and an elderly man that Ruby said claimed to be the Asgardian leader Odin.

They decided to bring him to their underground base to meet their leader. Skooter and the others had their resident telepath, Slider establish a mind-link with "Odin" to make sure he was who he claimed but after touching his forehead a psionic feedback knocked Slider down revealing that Odin was really the Baron Maestro in disguise.

Skooter (Earth-69413) from Future Imperfect Vol 1 4 002

Skooter in Nornheim

Skooter engaged in a battle with the baron along with his fellow rebels but they didn't stand a chance. It did however gain the attention of their boss, the Thing.[1] This allowed Skooter to leave so he could help with the evacuation of the residents via teleportation to the city above ground.[2]

He later met back up with Janis after she came across one of the Baron's soldiers taking Ruby hostage, but in fact it was the other way around. Ruby was saved by the soldier who turned out to be Layla Miller, someone who also opposed the Maaestro's cruelty. Skooter didn't trust her but they accepted her help with breaking into the castle to rescue the Thing.

Skooter (Earth-69413) from Future Imperfect Vol 1 4 003

Skooter killed by a Rock Troll

As Layla led everyone through a back entrance into the castle, they were ambushed by the Maestro's guards, but with a swift optic blast from Ruby and the help of Layla's companion Jamie who tore through them. They made their way to the throne room just to see their leader strike a deal with Maestro to help him usurp Emperor Doom.[3]

During their travel to Nornheim in search of Ulik the Troll, the group was ambushed by Ulik and hordes of trolls. During the battle, Skooter met his untimely demise when a troll snapped his neck.[4]


  • Teleportation: Skooter was able to teleport both himself and a certain amount of additional mass over an unknown maximum distance almost instantly. He teleported many of the denizens of the resistance above ground to the city without tiring.

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