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Skreet is a Chaos Sprite, one of the first creatures to gain sentience at the beginning of the universe. Described by the Proemial God Aegis as a species "too unstable", they were purged from the universe. Skreet was one of very few -- possibly the only one -- to escape the purge.[1]

Ages later Skreet was acting as the Space Pope when she met the ancient being Lunatik. The mercenary formed an alliance with Skreet, promising her half of his ill-gotten gains. Instead, Lunatik turned her in to the Space Police, who imprisoned her within the Kyln.[2]

Also imprisoned within the Kyln was the Maker, who released Skreet for unknown reasons shortly before the Maker was incapacitated by Thanos of Titan. Intrigued by this apparent agent of Chaos, Skreet decided to tag along with Thanos as his "pet".[3]

Skreet remained with Thanos during the Titan's alliance with Annihilus, where Thanos enslaved Galactus the Devourer as a planetary-scale energy weapon for the Annihilation Wave. Near the end of the conflict, Thanos' nemesis Drax the Destroyer tore Thanos' heart out, killing him, and helped release Galactus from his bindings. The enraged Galactus promptly destroyed everything in the surrounding area.[4]

Skreet survived the destruction, and continues to wander the universe, now in the company of Drax's former companion Cammi.[5] Sometime afterwards, she became a crimelord running the Bahamut Crime Syndicate.[6]


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  • Chaos Sprite Physiology: Skreet belongs to a species of small humanoids created by the Diableri.[7] Skreet was deemed to have a "Village/City" threat level by the Nova Corps, and that her threat level had escalated significantly after aligning with Thanos.[8]
    • Longevity: Skreet is extremely long lived.[7]
    • Flight: Skreet can fly through a small set of wings on her back or through a plasma emission that can propel her at supersonic speeds and through space.[7]
    • Superhuman Strength: Despite her small size she can lift objects weighting many times her own body weight.[7]
    • Invulnerability: Skreet is virtually indestructible.[7]
    • Energy Projection: Skreet can project highly destructive plasma blasts.[7]
    • Self Sustenance: Skreet can survive in space unaided.[7]


  • Skilled Fighter: Skreet is a fearless and savage combatant.[7]

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