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The Skrull armies are the ground forces of the Skrull Empire.[5] Which is tasked with seizing and occupying worlds, as well as the defense of Skrull worlds from invaders and the liberation of occupied Skrull worlds.[1][6][2][7] Skrull ground forces are transported to alien worlds by the Skrull Armada.[1] The supreme commander of the armies is the emperor (or empress) of the Skrull Empire. When the Skrull empire is fragmented, the various armies are controlled by the warlords.[2]

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Skrull armies have a wide variety of ground vehicles and air support craft, armed with directed energy weapons. Which include anti-gravity vehicles, tracked vehicles, wheeled vehicles, bipedal and multi-legged mecha, and thrust engine air vehicles.[8][9][10][11] It is supported by various types of artillery, including gun platforms, beam cannon emplacements, anti-aircraft artillery, and ground-to-space cannons.[12][6][13] They possess armored vehicles that are two stories high and dozens of ft long and multi-story tall mecha.[8][11][9] Weapon systems which are capable of killing Terran gods (e.g. the Celtic goddess, the Lady of the Lake).[14] It is likely that they also have aquatic vessels or maritime naval support, and guided weapons (e.g. missiles).

Soldiers are armed with a variety of infantry-type weapons, including sidearms, rifles, gatling-type multi-barrel man-portable guns, and large-caliber man-portable cannons.[6][11][8] Officers and a minority of the combat units (likely elite) may be protected by heavy armor which may be outfitted with helmets equipped with sensors, optics, etc.[15][2] Soldiers also receive training in hand-to-hand combat and in the use of melee weapons (e.g. polearms and swords).[16]


During the attempted Skrull conquest of Earth by Queen Veranke, a massive Skrull army was deployed on Earth, large enough to occupy the planet.[1] In the battle of San Francisco, two whole divisions were deployed against the X-Men.[11] Skrull armies fought in the defense of Skrull worlds during the Builders War and later participated in the liberation of those worlds occupied by the Builders.[2][7][17]


It is not clear if the Skrull Army is an independent armed service within the Skrull military or if it is a branch of the Skrull Armada. During the Skrull invasion of Earth, it appeared to be subordinate to the fleet commanders.

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