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A Skrull battleship is any of a number of space-faring vehicles employed by the military arm of the Skrull Empire. One Skrull battleship was seen over New York City in 2008, during the attempt by rival Skrulls and Kree to get the Kree-Skrull hybrid Hulkling (Dorrek VIII) to return to their respective empires to take leadership.[1]

Miles-long Skrull Battleship over NY City

During the Skrull attempt to conquer Earth under the leadership of Queen Veranke, the massive Skrull armada included many battleships and a wide variety of types.[2][3][4][5][6]

Skrull city-sized battleship coming over mountains

Skrull battleships also participated in the defense of the Skrull Empire against the Builders. Later when the Skrull warlords united under warlord Kl'rt (Super-Skrull) and joined the Galactic Council's war effort against the Builders, they were part of the Galactic Council's fleet.[7]

Once the Builders had been defeated and the fallen worlds liberated from their Alephs, Skrull battleships were part of the Galactic Council fleet assisting the Avengers in the liberation of Earth from Thanos and his fleet / army of pirates and mercenaries, the Black Order.[8][9]

Types of Battleships

Skrull battleships included both elongated and disc shaped warships, using nacelles on the side or thrust engines in the rear, that are boxy and bulky or slender and streamlined, from vessels hundreds of feet long to warships miles long, even city-sized or mountain-sized warships.

Skrull battleship over Manhattan

Shipborne Technology


  • Warp Drives (sub-space, intergalactic range)[10]
  • Defensive Energy Shields[11]
  • Cloaking Technology (makes ship invisible to radar and vision)[12][13]
  • Teleportation Systems[14]
  • Sub-Space Communications (intergalactic range, nearly instantaneous)[15]
  • Anti-Cloaking Scanners[16]
  • Deep Space Scanners (range is in the 10s of thousands of light years)[17]


  • Beam Cannons/Guns = Energy Type (Photon, Maser, Disintegration, and/or Neutrino), Coherent Beam and/or Pulse Beam.[18][19][20][21][11]
  • Missiles = Photon torpedoes and Thermonutron planet-killer missiles.[22][23]

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