This dictionary and lexique list some terms used in the Skrull language (used by the Deviant Skrulls).

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Skrull Alphabet

Some terms may be used by Skrulls without being translated. They will be listed anyway with a context helping to understand their meaning, until they will be developed. The Skrulls speak different languages and dialects, among them the Frti dialect (existing already around the time the other Skrull branches were slaughtered),[1] the Skrullian,[2] the Irdu Dialect of the Skrull Thort Language,[3][4] and the Tligi Dialect of the Skrull Language.[5]

The Prime Skrulls seemingly used their own language, extinct along with their kind, save for the last Prime Skrull.[6]



  • Gry'k-Frl-Stuzh: "Web of enhanced seeing." Equivalent to an Earth television set.[8]



  • Sch'mag: Unknown. Seemingly an insult. The phrase "Son of a Sch'mag!" is a popular idiom.[10]
  • Skrullian:
    • Adjective form of Skrull.[11][12] Skrull is also a valid adjective form.[13]
    • One language of the Skrulls.[2]
  • Sl'gur't: "Infinite Names", name of the Skrull War-God and Empress of the Skrull Pantheon[1] (also written "Sl'Gur'T").[14]


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