Skrull Dropship

Skrull Dropship
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Skrull Dropship
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Skrull cruiser
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A Skrull dropship (or drop ship) was any craft designed to transport troops, supplies, or vehicles to the surface of a planet, either for peaceful purposes or in most cases, for planetary assaults. Dropships were commonly deployed from starships incapable of atmospheric flight or landing. Most dropships lacked hyperdrives and boasted relatively few armaments or defenses. A typical Skrull dropship held a compliment of twenty personnel, plus a pilot and a gunner. The gunner was seated in a separate pod from the pilot and operated a rotating turret cannon.

Several Skrull dropships were deployed at the Battle of San Francisco during the Skrulls Secret Invasion of Earth. One ship, commanded by Drop-Captain Ssrov was intercepted by the X-Men Colossus and Armor. [1]

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