Due to the Skrulls' nature as a warrior race, it's hard for them to grasp almost any kind of representational art.[1]


Despite being a race that can take on almost any form imaginable, Skrulls apparently don't offer much choice in the way of food.[2] Some examples of Skrull food include:

  • T'Manja Berries - A type of berry which, according to Crusader, taste "almost the same" as strawberries mixed with pickles.[2]

Honor Code

The Skrulls possess an honor code (ignored by some and considered twisted by others):[3]

  • It forbid Skrulls to kill any who saved them.[3]
  • It was speculated that they respected one-on-one fights, as only two of them attacked MI13 agents when there were hundred warriors at their disposal.[4]

While the average Skrull will fearlessly and loyally execute any duties,[citation needed] he will also try to find ways to better his own position.[citation needed] A Skrull will betray another Skrull if it is to his own advantage.[citation needed]


Main article: Skrull Dictionary

The Skrulls speak different languages and dialects, among them; Skrullos,[5] the Irdu Dialect of the Skrull Thort Language,[6][7] the Tligi Dialect of the Skrull Language.[8] Skrullian[9] and the Frti dialect.[10]

The Prime Skrulls seemingly used their own language, extinct along with their kind, save for the last Prime Skrull.[11]


Some Skrulls like to take vacations on one of the planets of the Kral System, a series of ten worlds that emulate life at different points in Earth's history. Kral IV, whose theme is 1930's America, is particularly popular. The Kral system was viewed alternatively as a carefree vacation spot, an alternative lifestyle choice or an abomination against the "true Skrull way of life".[12] Interestingly, the Skrulls don't have public holidays such as Christmas on Earth.[13]



The most well known and influential Skrull religion is the Dard'van Sect[14] and their "True Faith."[15] The Dard'van primarily worship Kly'bn and Sl'gur't, presented as emperor and empress of their pantheon.[16] The central text of the Dard'van Sect is the Book of Worlds, written an unspecified time ago by Sl'gur't and Kly'bn.[17]

It is unknown if other gods are part of this pantheon (such as Zorr'Kiri), but to at least some the Dard'van, Kly'bn and Sl'gur't are the only true Gods,[18] and considered Odin, Uatu and Galactus as mere "demigods".[19]

Adherents believed that the Skrull Empire was divinely inspired,[20] that it is their "Holy Cause,"[15] their sacred duty to colonize Earth in the name of Sl'gur't and Kly'bn,[6] and that the planet is theirs by right.[21] The gods and pantheons of conquered planets were enslaved.[22][10]

They also associated purity with Skrull DNA, considering blended Skrull/human DNA impure but "still more blessed than human DNA untouched by [their purity]."[23]


A few gods are known among the Skrulls:

  • The Skrull pantheon:
    • Sl'gur't, the Skrull War-God, "Great One", the God of the Infinite Names, Empress of the pantheon, representing war and change.
    • Kly'bn, the Eternal Skrull, Emperor of the pantheon, representing peace and stability.[17]
  • Zorr'Kiri was the Skrull Goddess of Love.[24] Her relation to the pantheon is currently unknown.

On Earth-2301, the Skrulls worshiped the Heralds of Galactus.[25]

Other Facts

The Skrullian equivalent of Hell is known as the Shapeless Wastes.[26]


Slavery was a relatively recent addition to the Skrull culture, and the selling of the 'earther' "Machine-Gun" Martin to Skrulls on Kral IV led to his culture to "infect" the planet. One slave ring posed as a carnival.[27]


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