Quote1 Here, take it back. This flag just makes me think of CIA dirty tricks, Newt Gingrich and American war vets starving in the streets. Touching it makes my skin crawl. Quote2
-- Ryder

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Synopsis for "Gotcha!"

As terrorist take over a plane with foreign dignitaries and the supermodel Kimberly Dee onboard[1] Captain America (Steve Rogers), the Skrull Kill Krew, and Baron Strucker converge.

The Krew kills as many Hydra agents and Skrulls and Cap attempts to get to Stucker who is giving a speech on the superiority of fascism. Ryder gets to him first and begins a bloodbath. The plane lands and Dee realizes that she has the power to turn into a cat-like creature, killing the Hydra agents who have taken them hostage. Before they can exit to safety, one of the terrorists initiates a bomb sequence that distracts Captain America from apprehending Stucker.

The civilians are escorted from the plane before it blows and Cap and Ryder briefly tussle when Ryder tries to kill a foreign politician who is secretly a Skrull who runs away as they fight. Ryder tells Dee that she is joining the Krew, over her objections and they drive away for their next mission.

At Avengers Mansion, Cap debriefs with Nick Fury who recognizes Ryder and tells him that this is a serious development.

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