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Millions of years ago, at the conclusion of the Skrull civil war between the three sub-species (Deviant Skrulls, Prime Skrulls, and Eternal Skrulls), after the Prime Skrulls had been exterminated, Sl'gur't the warrior queen of the Deviant Skrulls led her people against the last Eternal Skrull stronghold. When she found the last Eternal Skrull (Kly'bn) who was kneeling at an altar, he persuaded her not to kill him but to let him be their guide and proclaimed his love for her. The two were elevated to godhood because of the truth of his words.[3]

It has not been revealed if there were already Skrull gods before the two or if such gods (e.g. the Skrull Goddess of Love - Zorr'Kiri) came afterwards, and under which circumstances.

The two of them indirectly supported the creation and expansion of the Skrull Empire. They conquered and enslaved the pantheons of the conquered races, numbering nearly 1000 pantheons.[1][3]

Around 500 years ago, Zorr'Kiri, Skrull Goddess of Love and possibly part of this Pantheon, was murdered by Gorr the God Butcher, and was missed all those years until her body was retrieved by Thor who inquired on Gorr the God Butcher's return.[4]

Modern Era

During the Secret Invasion, the enslaved army of alien gods battled Earth's God Squad.[5] Afterwards Kly'bn and Sl'gur't did battle with them and both were slain. Taking the place of the Skrull gods was the Chaos King who, in the form of Sl'gur't, had killed Sl'gur't who in turn was in the form of Amatsu-Mikaboshi (the Chaos King).[3] When the Chaos King later waged war against the other gods in the Chaos War, Kly'bn was one of the dead gods in her army.[6]


  • Kly'bn, the Eternal Skrull, and Sl'gur't of the Infinite Names were presented as emperor and empress of their Pantheon,[2] but it is unknown if other such as Zorr'Kiri, Skrull Goddess of Love, were part of it.
  • To some Skrulls, Kly'bn and Sl'gur't are the only true Gods.[7]

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