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The ancient homeworld of the Skrulls, on which the species originated.[1] Tens of millions of years ago, the "Changing People" (Deviant Skrulls) would rise up against the last of the "Unworthies" the normal Skrulls. Revealing their true identities as wives killed husbands, children murdered mothers, and masters were disemboweled by trusted servants.

Leading the victorious legions of "Changing" was the Headwoman Sl'gur't, who led them to the "Fossil Ones" (Eternals) stronghold. Where they killed all of the Eternals except one, staking them along the ridges that overlooked the Valley at the Esul. The last Eternal Kly'bn convinced them not to kill him, as he would guide them in writing their destiny across the cosmos. Becoming the husband of Sl'gur't and ascending to become gods to the Skrulls.[2]



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