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Early Life[]

Skrymir was a Frost Giant sorcerer who took as talisman the name Utgard-Loki, which pertained to the magus of ancient tales. He was the monarch of Jotunheim[3] and also admirative of Laufey.[4]

Utgard from Thor Vol 1 272

Encountering the Sons of Odin[]

Disguised as the Giant Skrymir, Utgard-Loki led Thor and Loki into his castle Utgardhall in Jotunheim. There, in the form of Utgard, he challenged the gods to a series of contests. Loki fought against Logi in an eating contest, and lost after Logi (a being of fire) consumed not only the food but the plates and table as well. Loki then was challenged to a footrace by Hugi (revealed to be the embodiment of cognizance), but lost before he even started as Hugi moved at the speed of thought. Thor then accepted the challenge of emptying a drinking horn, but failed there, as the horn drew its water from the ocean (although Thor managed to lower the tide). Utgard then challenged Thor to lift a cat off the floor, but he was only able to barely get one paw up as the cat was in fact the Midgard Serpent in disguise. The final challenge was for Thor to best an old woman, Elli, in a contest, but he completely failed as well, as Elli personified old age and secretly weakened him. After they had been completely bested, Utgard revealed that they had been tricked in each task, revealing the truth of their opponents.[2][3] However, Loki later revealed that the Utgard-Loki who challenged both of him and Thor was the original Utgard-Loki impersonating Skrymir.[5]

Utgard magic from Balder 4

Karnilla held captive

Kidnapping Karnilla[]

Later, Utgard-Loki learned of the disappearance of Odin, monarch of Asgard, and planned to take this opportunity to conquer Asgard. As a first step, Utgard-Loki and his Frost Giants invaded Nornheim and captured its ruler, the Karnilla, Norn Queen, a sometime ally of Asgard. Utgard-Loki used his enchanted dust to turn the other inhabitants of Nornheim to stone, and forced Karnilla, who was prevented from using her powers by magic shackles, to work as a slave in his fortress. Thus Utgard-Loki deprived Asgard of a potential ally, and he planned to eliminate Asgard's other allies as well until Asgard would be forced to stand alone against invasion by Jotunheim. Karnilla's lover, Balder the Brave, one of Asgard's leading warriors, went to Jotunheim to rescue her.[6] Using his newly developed power to radiate light and heat, Balder melted the fortress of Utgard-Loki, which had been constructed from ice, and reduced Utgard-Loki and his fellow giants to tiny size. Balder freed Karnilla, took her back to Nornheim, and then returned to Asgard, where soon afterward, he was made Odin's successor as monarch of Asgard.[7]

Invasion of Asgard[]

Utgard-Loki planned an attack Asgard, but the Asgardians had a warning giving them time to prepare.[8] Balder and the others were discussing the pending attack by the Frost Giants when a deafening roar heralds that they had already arrived. Balder tried to bluff the Giants into making them think that he could still generate his light powers but was still too weak, and they called his bluff. Kurse, Volstagg, and the children help fight the Giants but there are just too many of them. Thor, after battling in Hel, returned to Asgard to stop the Giants. Thor arrived and smashed through the Frost Giants easily. He stayed his hand, however, when Utgard-Loki promised to use his magics to restore the Asgardians, in return for safe passage back to Jotunheim.[9]

Resurrecting Laufey[]

Malekith the Accursed traveled to Utgardhall to meet with Skrymir, the leader of the Frost Giants. The two brokered a deal between their two realms. He informed the Frost Giant of a mortal from Midgard recovering Laufey's skull. When he and a group of frost giants went to assist Malekith, they were confronted by the new female Thor. Skrymir, with a single motion, grabbed Thor and swallowed her whole. However, she was not dead, and smashed through Skrymir's skull, destroying the King of the Frost Giants.[4] Skrymir's head eventually grew back as result of his magic and he attempted to take over Asgard with some young Frost Giants, but his plans of conquest were thwarted by All-Father Thor.[1]

Skrymir's headless corpse was placed in a tomb in the dungeons beneath Asgard. Zarathos, drawn to the body by Skrymir's lingering hatred of the Gods, possessed it and attacked Thor, who excised the demon with a hit from Mjolnir.[10]


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Frost Giant Physiology: Utgard-Loki possesses the superhuman physical attributes of the members of his race, the Frost Giants of Jotunheim:

  • Superhuman Strength: Utgard-Loki possesses vast superhuman strength, lifting 100 tons.[3]
  • Superhuman Stamina: Like all Frost Giants Utgard-Loki's stamina is superhuman.[3]
  • Superhuman Durability: Utgard-Loki is resistant to conventional injury[3] but not completely invulnerable as he has been decapitated twice by Thor's hammer, Mjolnir.[4][3]
  • Longevity: Is extremely long-lived (although not immortal).[3]

Sorcery: Utgard-Loki is also a master of the arts of sorcery as they have been developed in Jotunheim. The full extent of his magical abilities is unknown, and he need potions and enchanted dust to perform some of his magical feats. Through mystical ceremonies he can control the environment of Jotunheim so as to cause a traveler to return to his starting point without knowing it.[3]

  • Transformation: Unaided he can transform a person into a bird.[3]
  • Illusions: Utgard-Loki can cast illusion upon himself and others.[3]
  • Resurrection: Utgard-Loki has resurrected himself through unknown magical means even after being decapitated by the Mighty Thor.[1]


Like all the giants of Jotunheim, Utgard-Loki needs cold temperatures to maintain his existence. Great heat will cause the Frost Giants to "melt," thereby shrinking in size. Continued exposure to such heat would cause a Frost Giant to liquefy completely.[3]



Potions, dust, and other magical items.[3]


His enchanted dust can turn people to stone and, by using a potion, he can command the weather to grow colder.[3]

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