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  • Lockheed Hercules (aircraft)

Synopsis for "The Coming of Skull the Slayer!"

Pilot, special operative and Vietnam POW, James Scully, who after being freed from captivity, returns to find his world turned upside down. His wife has divorced him and is in the arms of another man, his parents have died of grief and his little brother is a dope fiend. When Jim returns to his parents' home (as he has nowhere else to go) his brother attacks him with a knife in a fit of grief and dope-induced hysteria. His brother ends up dead and Jim goes on the lam for fear of being blamed for his death. Months later, Jim is captured in Bermuda and is about to be transported to a maximum security prison - also on the flight are Dr. Raymond Corey, Ann Farrow Reynolds and Jeff Turner. The plane enters a time warp and they end up 250 million years in the past. There, in a savage world that Scully understands, he begins to fulfill his destiny - his first conquest: an eight ton Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Appearing in "Part Two: Time Lost"

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Synopsis for "Part Two: Time Lost"

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  • Includes a one-page article "Old Funny Animals" by Marv Wolfman which gets into the genesis of this series.

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