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The notorious Red Skull constructed this antiquated and Gothic mansion for his daughter Synthia Schmidt/Sin. It contains many artifacts such as automated replicas of his Sleepers as well as traps and pitfalls for unwanted visitors.

The home itself is very spacious. It contains a large rathskeller, library, laboratory, sleeping quarters, as well as an automated command center. The Red Skull went to Skull-House to die, and appeared to do so in Captain America Vol 1 300. Since this time, Captain America has closely monitored this residence for any suspicious activity.

The Red Skull has more recently convalesced in Skull-House after a near lethal encounter with Magneto.


The Red Skull, Sisters of Sin, and Skeleton Crew.


  • Captain America has stated that Skull-House is "the last place in the world I ever wanted to set foot in again"...

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