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The Skunk Ape was once a human scientist, but when his evolutionary experiments went wrong, he was turned into a massive gorilla monster. He was then possessed by one of the demons which formed part of the Monsters of Evil. He was first seen after being summoned by Hellstorm to battle Agent Venom. However, he took over them and turned them against Daimon.[1]

Shortly afterwards, the monsters were summoned by Master Mayhem, but it was revealed that since they were created by Hellstorm, anyone possessing a Hellmark could control them, as Mania did as she turned them against Master Mayhem.[2]

After Andrea had lost her symbiote, she was targeted by Carnage for the codex or remnant of the symbiote in her spine. As she tried to escape, she summoned the Monsters of Evil, but all of them were slaughtered by Carnage.[3]

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Super strength


His massive size makes it difficult for him to maneuver in small spaces

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