Skurge was borne of a storm giant and goddess. Rejected by the giants, he turned his dimension splitting axe against them, earning his nickname. He was loyal to the Enchantress, who brought him to earth.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Frost Giant/Asgardian Physiology: Skurge possessed a variety of superhuman attributes as a result of his Frost Giant physiology

  • Superhuman Strength: Skurge possessed superhuman strength greater than that of most other Asgardians and could lift about 65 tons.
  • Superhuman Durability: The tissues of Skurge's body were considerably harder than those of a human's, and even those of most Asgardians. Skurge could withstand great impact forces, temperature extremes, high caliber bullets, and powerful energy blasts without sustaining physical injury. Skurge was also immune to all known Earthly diseases and infections.


Skurge was a formidable hand-to-hand combatant




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