Quote1 I just want a chance to prove myself. Quote2
-- Skurge src

Skurge once fought alongside Thor to secure peace for Asgard, but that was before Loki usurped the throne of Asgard and exiled it true ruler Odin to Midgard. Under Loki's rule, Heimdall was branded a traitor and Skurge took up the loyalist's role as gatekeeper for the city, using the Bifrost to start gathering a collection of curiosities from all over the Nine Realms.

Skurge's service under Loki's reign ended shortly after Thor and Loki departed to find Odin. Upon responding to Loki's call to retrieve them, Skurge was surprised by the unexpected arrival of Hela instead, and shocked by the expediency with which she dispatched anyone who stood in her path. Unwilling to share the same fate as those she cut cut down, he quickly fell into line and passively accepted a new role as her lackey. As he followed her through her initial steps of claiming the throne of Asgard she told him that he would become her executioner.

Skurge grew increasingly uneasy with his new lot in life, at one point balking when directed to execute an innocent woman just to garner information about Heimdall's location. It was almost a relief for him when Thor and Loki finally returned to wage war on their older sister, and even though he was among those pitted against them he soon saw that the battle would go against him and took the opportunity to sneak away with a crowd of Asgardians escaping the ruin of their city. Safely aboard a Sakaaran transport ship, and huddled among the other frightened Asgardians, Skurge's bid for escape looked good until some of Hela's undead army began to surge onto the ship. Summoning up the courage to finally protect his people, he drew his pair of assault rifles and dived into the fray, forcing the aggressors back. Hela caught sight of this action and savagely lashed out with her power, ending Skurge's life on the end of a huge spike.[1]


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