The history of the Executioner of Earth-9997 is presumably similar to that of his Earth-616 counterpart. Much like his Earth-616 counterpart, Skurge on Earth-9997 was deceased and his soul residing in Hel, the Asgardian afterlife for those who are not worthy to reside in Valhalla. When Loki became privy to the fact that everyone on Asgard were really aliens in the third tier of mutation caused by Celestial manipulation (meaning that their mutation and appearance was defined by the beliefs of others) he would try to rally the people of Asgard to come to return to Earth when it was being menaced by the Celestials themselves. When Odin refused to listen to Loki, Loki killed himself so that he would be transported to Hel. There, he found many who were willing to listen to Loki's story, including Skurge.[1]

Being freed from their binding of Asgardian law because they believed it no longer held them, Skurge would be one of the many Asgardians that would accompany Loki on their counter attack on the Celestials. However, the Celestials had a counter measure in place: their superior minds were able to convince the Asgardians once more of the lie they have existed under and they all dropped dead, returned to Hel.[2]

Much later, when Loki had convinced Thor to believe the truth, they would work together to try and bring down Odin and free their people from a the man who has been posing as their father for centuries. They succeeded in revealing Odin's deception and showing the Asgardians the truth, although some chose to remain in their Asgardians state regardless.[3] Skurge was not depicted in these events, and so his final choice is unrecorded.


Skurge is a member of an unknown alien race which has been manipulated by the Celestials. The natural evolution of any species created by the Celestials are three fold and happen over centuries of evolution: The first is an original mutation, based on some subconscious level by the individual, the second is that all members of that race have the same power, the third is a power that the beings lose all self definition and their appearance and abilities are at the whim of others belief in them.

Skurge's evolution was such that it was at the third tier of mutation, as such his abilities and powers likely mirrored that of his Earth-616 counterpart, because that is what Odin believed his abilities should be. Further, this was reinforced by the belief of his fellow Asgardians and the population of Earth.


Skurge was seen wielding automatic weapons. If these are normal weapons, or have any sort of mystical enhancement remains to be revealed.

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