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Official Name
Physical Characteristics

Curb Weight: 680 lbs.
Engine: High efficiency miniature turbines
Overall Length: 65 in. Overall Width: 32 in. Steering Radius: 0 ft. 0 in. Maximum Cargo: 450 lbs. Maximum Airspeed at sea level: 380 MPH Maximum Rate of Climb: 800 ft. per second

Service Ceiling: 12,000 ft.
Hawkeye for a long while generally traveled about in a custom built sky-cycle (also called skymobile) modeled after a commercial snowmobile. The original sky-cycle was designed for Hawkeye by his friend Jorge Latham and built at Cross Technological Enterprises when the two of them were employed there.
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Original design

Hawkeye employed his sky-cycle to great success, utilizing its voice-operated, hands-off autopilot steering mechanism to free both hands for use in archery, until it was destroyed in battle. When Hawkeye was appointed the head of the West Coast Avengers, he hired Latham to rebuild the vehicle and act as staff mechanic for the team. As chairman, Hawkeye retained three of the sky-cycles stored in the garage at Avengers Compound. Captain America and the East Coast Avengers soon came to use them as well. They were used by these heroes and other non-flying members of the team for short excursions, or when the supersonic quinjets are either conspicuous or inconvenient. These Avengers-model sky-cycles were designed to use an Avengers Identicard as a key.

Genesis Coalition's sky-cycle

A similar design was used by the terrorist organization Genesis Coalition, a seceded branch of Hydra headquartered in South America. The Coalition's troops moved in fast, hovering vehicles called "skycycles" (without hyphen) while patrolling the surrounding lush rain forest. The skycycles were used in conflict with Silver Sable's Wild Pack, and Amy Chen of the Wild Pack disabled one of these vehicles using a disrupter.[2]


Lead Designer: Jorge Latham
Place of Creation: Cross Technological Enterprises


  • One and/or two person hover vehicles employed by the Avengers for short-distance trips. Most frequently used by Hawkeye.

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