The mysterious entity that became known as the Sky-Walker was an Earth-born human who traveled to Starron, a sub-atomic world light-years from Earth, where he fell in love with a native, Viela. After the discovery that Starron would eventually explode, the masters of the planet banished the Sky-Walker back to Earth, sending him to the late 14th Century. Now regarding Starron as his home, he longed to return to Viela, regardless of the risk.

Centuries into his exile, Sky-Walker learned of a rare stellar alignment. He broke into the New York State Pavilion and fired a device which, in conjunction with the alignment, generated cosmic energy which allowed him to create platforms of solid light he called "star-steps," and planned to use them to reach Starron.[1]

The Sky-Walker's trek was briefly disrupted when the pavilion became the scene of a confrontation between Daredevil and the Death-Stalker, and the two combatants eventually took their fight up the star-steps. Death-Stalker's accidental contact with the Sky-Walker sent him to the parallel dimension he sometimes traveled through. The Sky-Walker resumed his journey unphased, musing that he feared Daredevil had not seen the last of him, and that should he be forced to return, it could be the death of the hero.[2] Following his encounter with the mysterious voyager, Daredevil nicknamed him the "Sky-Walker."[3]

Before reaching his destination, the Sky-Walker was captured by the enigmatic Stranger, and was imprisoned in the Stranger's Labworld for study. He remained there until freed by Overmind.[4]

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid[7]
Energy Projection6
Fighting Skills2


Slowed Aging: Having lived for over six centuries, the Sky-Walker appears to age slow.[1]

Telepathy: The Sky-Walker somehow knew that Daredevil was blind, hinting at otherwise undescribed telepathic abilities.[1]



The Sky-Walker's armor incorporates suction-boots for scaling surfaces, protection for space travel, and an energy rifle that could be used to create panels of solid light via the harnessing of stellar energy.[1]


  • Then-Daredevil writer Marv Wolfman introduced the Sky-Walker to lead into Daredevil's "first real" science-fiction story. However, since he was feeling unsatisfied with the direction he was going for with the character, Wolfman asked to be taken off the title, and the Sky-Walker's introduction never had a follow-up.[5]
  • After the character was left abandoned, the Sky-Walker only appeared again in Quasar #16, used by writer Mark Gruenwald because he was an obscure character.
  • The Sky-Walker's first appearance in Daredevil #128 only hinted at elements of his origin. His story was fleshed out in Marvel Legacy: The 1970s Handbook #1.

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