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Europe, circa World War II
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Steel Kommando, General Skul, and the Nazi army in general
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Formed prior to America's involvement in World War II in order to free Matt Slade III from General Skul.
Information-silk Place of Formation
Aboard the Lobo II, off the coast of Spain


The Sky-Wolves were Skyler "Sky-Wolf" Wolf (a test pilot), Jesse "Little-John" Johns (an escape artist), Sidney "The Gaff" Levine (a special effects scientist who in the modern era was a SHIELD agent), and Matt Slade III (a munitions specialist). On June 4th 1940 Wolf, Johns and Levine were brought to the Lobo somewhere off the coast of Spain where they met with Matt Slade Jr., who told them that his million dollar prototype plane had crashed somewhere in the Polish province of Boldavia. His son had been the pilot and so he asked the men if they would work together as a team in order to rescue him. After only three days of training in Slade Jr.'s experimental new aircraft, the trio set out to Poland to rescue Slade III. Slade was being held in Murder Mountain, a Nazi underground base and headquarters of the Steel Kommando. The group managed to free Mat Slade III and the quartet soon returned to Murder Mountain as the Sky-Wolves and proceeded to blow up the secret mountain base, the group then decided to remain together on the Lobo in order to fight against the Nazi threat for the duration of the war.[citation needed]
Marvel Fanfare Vol 1 16


Transportation: Lobo II
Weapons: XF5U-2

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