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Quote1.png Skybreaker, the Voice of Heavens. Its edge is sharper than any other blade forged by man and it will never grow dull. Quote2.png

The Skybreaker was a Vibranium sword forged in ancient Wakanda and held by the Wakandan Royal Family.[1]



After the Vibranium meteorite crashed on the Great Mound in what would later be known as Wakanda, the first Wakandan king, Bashenga traveled to the Great Mound and began studying the mysterious metal. To forge the metal, Bashenga built a smithy at the lip of a volcano with the assistance of his eldest daughter and son. After a month of working the metal, Bashenga forged The Skybreaker.

As the first king of Wakanda, Bashenga used The Skybreaker to defend his people and his land. Skybreaker was passed down from monarch to monarch through generations. The sword was also studied by Wakandans for generations and it was crucial to their technological advancements.[1]

X of Swords

During the attack of the First Horsemen of Apocalypse on the Starlight Citadel, Saturnyne intervened and set a contest where the forces of Krakoa and Arakko would each have ten swordbearers fighting in Otherworld.[2] Storm was one of the Krakoans chosen to wield a blade, her sword being the Skybreaker.[3] She visited Wakanda and asked for an audience to access the weapon, but had to wait for the return of King T'Challa. Due to the little time she had left and the danger the world was threatened by, Ororo stole the sword from the heavily guarded Temple of the Heart of Wakanda.[1]

During her battle against Death, Storm used Skybreaker to reflect Death's Death Stare on him, and then stabbed him with it, leaving the Sevalithi to feed on Death. In the aftermath of the tournament, Storm returned Skybreaker to its rightful owners, but the damage its absence caused on her relationship to Wakanda would never be healed.[4]


* Energy Conduit: Skybreaker can act as a conduit that can transform small amounts of energy into exponentially larger amounts of energy. Because it produces so much energy, prolonged contact with the blade can result in damage to living tissue such as burns, scarring, or cancer. However, Skybreaker actually strengthens non-living materials (even organic material that was once living).[1]

  • Durability: Skybreaker was virtually indestructible. Additionally, its blade never dulls.[1]
    • Heat Resistance: Skybreaker was immune to all but the most extreme heat.[1]



  • Because of its importance, only the King is allowed to touch it, otherwise, it is considered a sacrilege.[1]

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