Slaine and Ness spoke of the techno-gnomes that were found around the destroyed Scottish village, that Nate had recently visited and while he could provide nothing of their origin he did give warning to Ness, that he stunk of them before and would never be welcome to the Nest again, he departing flying into the night.[1]Next him and Ness, spoke in the sewers when they were ambush by another group of Hellbent. This were on a mission to eliminate all who escape the Nest and they brought in a Manx who mortally wounded Slaine. While Ness fought against Dawn, the Manx closing in for the kill but using the last of his strength Slaine was able to impale the monster and spoke the Ness about the origin of the techno-gnomes before succumb to his wounds.[2]


Slaine could fly by his wings[1]he also possess talon at the end of this wings, allowing him to eviscerate a target.[2]


His own wings.

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