Slate's past is shrouded in mystery, but it is known that he was a product of the Diogenes Initiative, where he got his powers.[1] He became the super-powered manager of Cassandra Mercury's casino, Mercury Rising. Following a foiled robbery attempt at the casino's lobby, Slate had one of the bystanders, Ben Reilly meet her boss after being impressed by his super-strength when he confronted one of the robbers.[2]

Following Hydra's empire and Las Vegas almost destruction, during the crisis with Silas Thorne and the Slingers, Prodigy and Dusk attacked Slate and Cassandra in her office, kidnapping Cassandra and giving Slate a message: that the Scarlet Spider confess beating Thorne nearly to death and turn himself to the police, otherwise they would kill Cassandra.[1]


Invulnerability: Slate possesses invulnerability of an unknown degree. Bullets simply richochet off him with no signs of discomfort.[2]

Superhuman Strength: Slate possesses impressive strength, being able to snap a person's neck with one hand, rip apart a web-shooter's webbing with his bare hands, and throw a person across a room, and through its furniture, with a single slap.[3]

  • Slate has a son, whose existence not even Cassandra Mercury knew of. When she tried to further inquire about him, Slate simply stated he doesn't talk about him.[3]
  • Slate's origin was mentioned by Prodigy, who assumed (seemingly correctly) that he was a product from the Diogenes Initiative as he had white skin and was bulletproof.[1]

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