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As the Slaughter Squad

The Slaughter Squad was a group of brigands and thieves gathered by Mister Knife to serve as his personal crew. They invaded Kymellia III to steal the Black Vortex, an ancient artifact capable of unleashing the cosmic potential of whoever wields it, for Mister Knife. Nux Vomico ended up succumbing to the Black Vortex's powers and was consequently killed by Mister Knife.[2]

Later, the Slaughter Squad kidnapped Mister Knife's son, Star-Lord,[3] but he was ultimately rescued by his girlfriend, Kitty Pryde.[4]

With his plans moving forward after convincing Thane to join his cause,[5] Mister Knife allowed the Slaughter Squad to submit to the Black Vortex, unleashing their cosmic potential and turning them into the Slaughter Lords.[1]

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