The plans for the Slave Engine were given to the Inhumans by the Kree at the onset of their civilization. The device was designed to use Xerogen Crystals to turn humans, mutants, and many other metahumans into Alpha Primitives, while leaving Gods, Inhumans, and alien species like the Kree or Skrulls unaffected. Victims had to breathe in the Xerogen Mist produced by the Slave Engine in order to be transformed.[1]

While the device was in fact built, it was never actually used, as it was deemed too dangerous by the Unspoken to be available to the Inhumans.[1] He removed it from Attilan and hid it in the Cavern of the Lost.[2] When he wouldn't reveal the cavern's location, he was banished from society and all traces of his existence were erased.[1]

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