The Slavers had not being seeing sense Queen Anjulie took commander, as they fear her retaliation. After her defeat and death at the hands of Excalibur, they returned employing Hounds and flying ships to captured citizens. Not thrill with the existence of justice and possibly formation of champion for the planet. They set out to kill the Excalibur with an assassin, they succeeded both only temporary as Meggan and Rachel were able to channel the energies of planet to revive the team[1].

Powers and Abilities


Some members of the species have shown to possess powers.


The Slavers themselves are not skill fighters relaying on their agents, Hounds and superior technology.


Habitat: Earth like


Type of Government: The Slavers seem to operate within a council of sorts.
Level of Technology: They possess greatly advance technology that allows them to travel across vast distance, mental manipulation and destructive weaponry.
Cultural Traits: They lack any sort of regard for lives, turning others into demented Hounds and slaves.
Representatives: * Tullamore Voge

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