Slaymaster is an ally to Earth-1720's Madame Hydra, Susan Storm and fought the Exiles with incredible outcomes against Sabretooth, Morph and Longshot. Upon arriving to where Susan Storm confronted her ex-husband Reed Richards he met Earth-616's Psylocke, who was deeply shocked in seeing him after remembering her previous encounter with her reality's Slaymaster. Slaymaster and Madame Hydra escaped their reality and began hunting down and killing different versions of Elizabeth Braddock's, and taking their eyes much like his 616 counterpart.

Slaymaster and his allies later again confronted the Exiles while helping an alternate and war-like Lilandra Neramani in attempting to assassinate her sister for the Shi'ar throne. He confronted Psylocke, but was bested by her, who ultimately decided not to kill him. Slaymaster almost took the sneaking opportunity to kill her from behind and only to be stop by Sabretooth. Battered and weakened, Slaymaster quickly fled to parts unknown in the Multiverse following Madame Hydra's death.

He finally appears in Earth-616 and fought both Psylocke and her brother Captain Britain before finally being killed by Psylocke.


Master assassin adept at the use of all weapons.

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