Slaymaster first encountered Captain Britain while carrying out a series of assassinations (he was killing collectors and stealing valuable items from their collections for a man named Konrad Kharpov), managing to defeat the Captain several times before seemingly being eaten by sharks after an encounter at sea. At this time, he displayed a talent for disguise and also a macabre sense of humor, killing his victims with weapons appropriate to their names.

Later, having escaped the sharks, a more skillful and refined Slaymaster was hired by the Vixen (a British villain and old enemy of Captain Britain) to kill all of the members of S.T.R.I.K.E.'s psi-division, including Captain Britain's sister, before her planned infiltration of the intelligence's facility. Slaymaster managed to kill seven of the ten members of the Psi-Division, including Doctor Destiny, Vicki Reppion and Avril Davis. Alison Double, Tom Lennox and Betsy Braddock (Captain Britain's sister and Lennox's lover), were able to survive and escape to the safety of Braddock Manor.

Captain Britain's intervention on behalf of his sister results in a rematch between himself and Slaymaster, a tightly run affair in which Slaymaster proves his intelligence, weapons, and martial skill would be enough to defeat the more powerful Captain again. However, thanks to a distraction by Betsy, Captain Britain is able to overwhelm Slaymaster and beat him into unconsciousness.

Still in the employ of Vixen, Slaymaster was to bring Captain Britain to her. Slaymaster manages to capture the Captain and in the course of the story steals his costume which is thought to be the source of Captain Britain's powers. Captain Britain is still able to control the suit and telekinetically rams Slaymaster into a wall, knocking him out.

In their final meeting, Betsy Braddock, Captain Britain's twin sister had assumed the mantle of Captain Britain while her brother was elsewhere. Her taking up the role was, in fact, a trap set by Vixen.

Brian Braddock (Earth-616), Slaymaster (Earth-616), and Elizabeth Braddock (Earth-616) from Captain Britain Vol 2 13 0001

Wearing a Vixen-supplied version of Captain Britain's costume, Slaymaster confronts Captain Britain and defeats Betsy Braddock by gouging out her eyes. Betsy manages a telepathic summons to her brother, who flies to rescue her and confront Slaymaster. Slaymaster soon discovers that the costume that Captain Britain wears is, in fact, little more than a regulatory device - his powers are intact without it. In a fit of rage, the Captain defeats Slaymaster and kills him, crushing his head with a boulder.[1]


Slaymaster is a master hand-to-hand combatant and a world class assassin, on various occasions, he is depicted as having more than normal balance and reflexes. His preferred weapons are specialized high-tech needles that he can shower assailants with a deadly barrage of projectiles.

Strength level

Slaymaster possessed the strength of a man who engaged in intense regular excersize to keep his body in a fit muscular condition.


Jet Pack, 'Atomic Powered Racer'


'Atomic Wristlets' which increased his strength; later, a sophisticated power enhancing suit based on that worn by Captain Britain.

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