The Sleepers were a group of techno-astral projections housed inside mechanical humanoid constructs. They were conceived in special cocoons layered among the Catacombs, a special area attached the walls of the Crystal Towers. Having a half-life that must be maintained, the Sleepers traced the arcane shapes of the wall, divining the flows and eddies of the city.

Another one of their purposes was to seek the shadows of the future, in order to find potential problems or threats. The Last Inhuman lived among them for centuries. Each day their routine was always the same, an immaterial ballet with no disturbances as described by Maximus.

The Sleepers pulse with alarm, as they emitted incoherent data due to the sky boiling and screaming with color. The distortion that reacted to was an early warning system that Maximus created a millennia ago as a reminder about the god-like beings the Progenitors return to Earth.[1] It is presumed that the race of Sleepers were all killed when the Earth blew up due to the counter reaction of powers set off between a Commander-Class Progenitor and the Moon King[2]

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