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When the M-Pox crisis broke out, Someday Enterprises took advantage of the despair experienced by numerous mutants, and offered them the opportunity to be placed in stasis and be guarded until the crisis was adverted; however, Someday additionally used the sleeper mutants as guinea pigs, managing to weaponize them.

Exodus took over Someday's operations and woke up the Sleepers, but subjugated them telepathically, with the intention to use them to attack an anti-mutant rally and incite government action.[1] When Magneto's X-Men infiltrated Someday's research station in the Atlantic Ocean, they were attacked by the Sleepers.[2] The X-Men managed to abduct one of the Sleepers, Bu Jun.

The combined efforts of Psylocke and M revealed Exodus' involvement with the Sleepers, while Mystique infiltrated another Someday base in the Sierra Nevada of California as Bu Jun and made that discovery on her own.[1]

Magneto tracked down Exodus to force him release the Sleepers under his command while his X-Men protected the innocents at the anti-mutant rally. Once Magneto defeated Exodus, the Sleepers were freed from his control. He later put them under Xorn's care in Tibet, with the intention to have them protected while at the same time having them at his disposal in case the were needed.[3]

When the united X-Men factions launched an attack on New Attilan as part of a plan to destroy the Terrigen Cloud that caused M-Pox, he had Xorn and the Sleepers march and become the overseers of the Inhuman population held captive at their home.[4]

Following the conflict with the Inhumans, Xorn relocated to the Blue Area of the Moon and left the Sleepers under the command of Archangel.[5]

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