Appearing in "Web of Confusion Part 2"

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Other Characters:

  • Previous Appearance of Carmella Carmella (Final appearance)
  • A fashion designer (Only appearance)[1]
  • Several supermodels (Only appearance)[1]




Synopsis for "Web of Confusion Part 2"

Continued from last issue...

Spider-Man wakes up in chains inside a yarn warehouse and recalls how he got there. He is rudely interrupted however, by Crimewave, who is gloating to Kingpin of his victory over Spider-Man. Kingpin leaves in a huff, and Crimewave decides to broadcast Spider-Man's unmasking and death on live TV. Meanwhile, outside, Crimewave's henchman, Carmella, pulls her gun on Sleepwalker, who was trying to get into the warehouse to help Spidey. But, a gun is suddenly put to her head as well. Back inside, Spidey is still inside the warehouse, and Crimewave is still not in the room. While Spidey tries to devise an escape plan, Sleepwalker appears. Spidey tells Sleepwalker not to let everyone know that he has entered the building, Sleepwalker agrees, the concept of being discrete and sneaky, still new to him, Sleepwalker begins to telekinetically weave a bunch of the yarn in the room together, much to Spidey's disbelief. Later, Crimewave comes back with a camera crew to film Spidey's unmasking and death. Spidey is still in chains, and Sleepwalker is nowhere to be seen. As the cameras begin to roll, Crimewave introduces the viewers to himself and the situation. Crimewave then unmasks Spidey, who is revealed as Sleepwalker. While everyone is stunned, Spidey swings down from the ceiling and takes down to hechmen. Sleepwalker breaks out of his chains, and Spidey and Sleepwalker lead a daring escape. As Spidey rides on Sleepwalker's back out the window and over the Hudson River, Sleepwalker suddenly disappears, and Spidey falls into the Hudson. This was due to Rick Sheridan waking up back at his apartment. Spider tracks down Rick, and demands an audience with Sleepwalker.

After several hours, Rick finally goes to sleep, and Sleepwalker reappears. Spidey starts to ask questions, but hen and Sleepwalker both agree that they need to find Crimewave. Crimewave, meanwhile, has kidnapped a number of models from a fashion show, and tells the fashion designer that unless, the designer gives him $1,000,000, the models will not show up to the show, and the designer will lose all his clothing buyers. Crimewave is keeping the models in a van, which Spidey and Sleepwalker arrived at just then. After a brief altercation, Crimewave and his goons are taken into custody, the models are released, and all is well. Back in his tower, Kingpin ponders the fall of Crimewave, as his wine glass is refilled by none other then Carmella.

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