Sleipnir is Odin's magical eight-legged steed, and is supposed to be the greatest of all horses.[citation needed]Loki had hastily agreed to let Hrimthurs (a Frost Giant) re-build the wall around Asgard, in exchange for the Moon, the Sun, and Freya, only he had to do it in six months. The Frost Giant had only asked to use his grey stallion, Svadilfari. Right as the last brick was about to be placed, Loki transformed into a beautiful white mare, and lured Svadilfari off. Loki later gave birth to Sleipnir.[citation needed]


Sleipnir possesses super-strength, allowing the mystic horse to lift up to 2 tons as well as pull over 10 tons. He also possesses super-speed, super-durability and super-endurance. Sleipnir also possesses the ability of flight, and has a running speed of up to light speed. Sleipnir has human level intelligence.[citation needed]

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