Slick Warner was a con-man who worked in the Indianapolis racing business during the 1940s. In the summer of 1943, he was hired for a million dollars to insure that Larry Reynold's new race car the Silver Moonbeam did not win the Indie 500 in order for the mobster to rake in a huge payout. In this capacity, he posed as mechanic Pete Durkle in order to sabotage the racer so that it would crash during the big race.

The only oversight on his job was that Larry was good friends with the super-hero known as the Whizzer and had called the hero to see his newest racer and witness the race. Seeing the Whizzer as a potential problem, Slick had a bunch of thugs knock out the hero and take him prisoner just as he realized who "Pete Durkle" really was.

This, however, did not stop the Whizzer who promptly broke free from his bonds, rounded up Slick and his men, and turned them over to the authorities. He then raced to the Indie 500 and helped prevent the Sliver Moonbeam from breaking up and crashing, enabling Larry to win first place in the race.[1]

Slick's subsequent fate is unknown.

It is interesting to note that the Silver Moonbeam resembles the two other high speed cars that the Whizzer had encountered in the 1940s: The Meteor III, invented by Dr. Throttle[2] and the one driven by Ed "Mock" Turtle and his gang[3]. This is likely because all three stories were drawn by artist Louis Ferstadt, as the vehicles have no known connection.

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