Slim Smith was active during the days of the American Frontier. He was the long time boyfriend of Arizona Annie and a constant partner in her many early adventures during the days of the American Frontier. He was often completely dumbfounded by her bravery and desire to put herself in danger. He often matched wits with her views on gender roles in their time, and was never beyond playing tricks on Annie for his own amusement.

In his first recorded adventure with Annie, he was shocked when Annie joined up with a gang who just robbed woman hating blacksmith Pete Grimm, but was relieved when Annie returned with the stolen loot[1]. Slim ignored Annie's suspicions that local land developer Josiah Cleek was a fraud, but was relieved when Annie proved herself right as he had foolishly invested in one of his lemon properties in Starling Wells[2]. Slim engaged Annie on a conversation where Annie asserted that women were too civil to break laws and that if they ran things the west would be tame. Ironically, Annie was later arrested and accused of being the leader of a gang of bank robbers led supposedly by a woman. However, Annie broke free from jail and captured the gang and their leader an effeminate man named Pretty Face Grimes who disguised himself as a woman to throw off the authorities[3].

Slim and his pals get a good laugh when Annie was convinced to take up a job as school marm at the local school, but Annie still manages to capture a pair of bank robbers despite this[4]. Slim and his friends next played a prank on Annie by convincing local outlaw Grizzly Williams that Annie was secretly in love with him. After Annie sent Williams running she discovered who was responsible for the prank and Slim and his pals ran for cover in a nearby pig pen[5]. Slim Smith later goaded Annie into getting involved in local politics, playing on her opinions on women being the superior sex. This played into Slim's hand and Annie entered the political race and won by a landslide, not informing her that she was fighting to get the position of dog catcher. In retaliation for this, Annie caught Slim and the mayor and paraded them around town in her dog catching wagon[6]. In his last recorded appearance, Slim goaded Annie to participate in a carnival shooting gallery which she soon discovered was fixed and smashed up[7].

Slim Smith has not been seen since, and has apparently parted company with Arizona Annie. The reasons for their separation remain unrevealed.


Slim Smith rode a horse.


Slim carried a single six-shooter pistol that was common for the time period in which he lived.

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