Slitherogue was a member of the Scorpians, an alien conqueror race who was placed on Earth in prehistory as the guardian of the Tower of Time in the Bermuda Triangle. His mission was to prepare for the Scorpian conquest of all of Earth's history using the Tower, but his plans were opposed by Skull the Slayer and his comrades, as well as by one of Slitherogue's own creations, a robot fashioned in the shape of the Black Knight.[1] Following Skull's escape from the Tower, the robot Knight seemingly killed Slitherogue by hurling his sword at him, skewering him. The dying Slitherogue gloated that he was finally free of his exile, the Scorpians having apparently placed him on Earth because they feared his ambitions, and with the last of his strength pulled a lever which destroyed the Time Tower (which he claimed had been linked to his biological processes anyway) presumably destroying the Black Knight, too.[2]

Power Grid [3]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Teleporter

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