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Slorenia, officially known as the Republic of Slorenia (Republica Slorenijas), is a country located in the north-east of Europe. It is bordered by Latvia, Lithuania and Ksavia. Its capital city is Tblunka.[1]


9,000 BC

Humans were living in Slorenia since at least 9000 BC.[1]

4,000 BC

The ancestors of the Dudak, a Finnic people, settled down in this country circa 4000 BC.[1]

2,000 BC

Circa 2000 BC, the ancestors of the Slorene people, the proto-Balts, migrated into the region. The relationship of the two tribes was good at the beginning, until the Slorenes began to hunt Dudaks off their best farming lands after a few hundred years.[1]

1,200 BC

Circa 1200 BC, stories about angry gods taking side for the warring people appear in the local sagas.[1]

Dudaks/Slorenes conflict

For years, Slorenes and Dudaks fought for dominance, persecuting each other. Meanwhile, their neighbors grew rich, but travelers shunned Slorenia/Dudakmaa, scared off both by the unrest and by reports of demons.[1]

12th-13th centuries

During the 12th and 13th centuries, the country was the target of the Curonians ("Baltic Vikings"), prompting the Slorene and Dudak factions to unite.

Similarly, their neighbors attempted invasions because of the country's strategic geographic location, some achieving brief occupations, all repelled by Ember and Volkhvy, who stopped their battle to attack the interlopers.

At some point, Ember was temporarily destroyed, Volkhvy made a deal with Laslo Magzel, an ageless mutant who designed him a machine known as the Program which could drain life forces and sustain Volkhvy.[1]

18th century

In the 18th century, the Russian Empire triggered the Great Northern War as part of their expansionist plans, and by the end of the century came to rule Slorenia.

Industrialization spread swiftly, while the living conditions for peasants of all ethnicities worsened.[1]

20th century

World War I

During World War I, both Dudaks and Slorenes fought on the Tsarist Russian side, with a surge in Slorenian nationalism.[1]


In January 1918, Slorenia declared independence in the wake of the Revolution, but the Red Army moved into the country and declared it under Soviet rule.

For two years, fighting continued in Slorenia, until Russia acknowledged its sovereignty and promised to give up any claim to the country for all time.

In 1921, Slorenia joined the League of Nations.

During the reconstruction, Volkhvy ruthlessly exploited the Dudak minority.[1]

World War II








In mid-1944, Slorenia was reclaimed by the Soviet Army.[1]

Cold War

During the Cold War, Volkhvy limited his activities to avoid drawing Moscow's attention, and the Slorene persecution over the Dudaks lessened.[1]

In 1991, Slorenia declared independence.[1]

Modern Age

Ruled by the Tabissara (ten elected officials and Volkhvy), the country was torn by racial warfare between the Dudake and Slorene peoples.[2][3]

Slorenia was later invaded by Alkhema and Ultron who slaughtered all its residents. The country was freed through the actions of the Avengers.[4]

Bloodwraith later absorbed all the souls of those slaughtered and grew to giant proportions. Fueled by the anger of those slaughtered, Bloodwraith began to slaughter aid workers and SHIELD agents. Bloodwraith was mystically sealed within the country and the country was cordoned off.[5]

Endless Wartime

Rebuilding, Slorenia returned to its old style of governance, with the Slorene majority cruelly suppressing the Dudaks based on archaic religious laws. A foreign effort to change the regime to something more benign (which Iron Man supported both personally and ideologically), was unsuccessful, and the country became a warzone, with local fanatics backed by Tabissara-hired mercenaries on one side, and the Hereward Corporation, a Sweden-based, British-founded UAV manufacturer, on the other.[6]

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  • The other flag of Slorenia.

    Per the map, the territory of Slorenia is the western part of Latvia in the real world.
  • The flag of Slorenia, as seen in Avengers vol. 3 #19 (1999) just moments before the massacre of all of its population, is green, red and yellow, with one circle and two stars (Seen next to this paragraph). The flag of Slorenia, as seen Marvel Atlas #1 (2007) apparently being the most recent depiction, is completely different, being a three-striped one, white, dark blue and red, with a shield on the two upper stripes (Seen at the beginning of this page). This discrepancy has been not explained yet.

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