Fifteen thousand years ago, Slorioth The Omnivorous ravaged the earthly plane. A cabal of ancient sorcerers bound Slorioth, body and soul, to the land that is today the Township of Starkesboro.[5]

In an attempt to save a dying Jillian Woods, Anthony Druid bargained with Slorioth to save her in exchange of his soul. In time, this bargain would allow Slorioth to take Druid as his vassal and free him, so that he may walk the earth again.[6] The Druid was tricked/manipulated by Slorioth into releasing him from his mystical prison.[2] It's rise from the Earth resulted in sub-harmonic tremors throughout the Earth, the minds of all being disturbed at the subconscious level, and the growth of extranormal activity throughout the United States.

Despite having the assistance of Namor, the Hulk, and the Silver Surfer, the Secret Defenders were unable to contain much less defeat Slorioth. What they were battling was merely the tiniest corporal manifestation of the pan-dimensional entity. It was rendering reality and disrupting temporal continuity, threatening Eternity itself with a universe-wide cataclysm. The Vishanti noticed but took no direction action as a battle between them and Slorioth would devastate the universe. Therefore they summoned the Living Tribunal who judged Slorioth a threat to this reality as it was it's nature to continually expand and banished him.[7]

Still, Slorioth kept on being invoked. At the point when Doctor Strange was stripped off of his magic by the entities that dealt with the recovery for higher beings' power bestowals, Slorioth demanded restitution for a trade the very day.[8]

Power Grid [11]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Teleporter


  • Virtual immortality[1]
  • Influence on Minds and Souls[7]
  • Regeneration: dozens of tentacles grown to replace each severed tentacle[7]
  • Lifeforce Draining: draining the life of even the Silver Surfer via the touch of the tentacles[7]
  • Acid Touch: burning even the Hulk via the tentacles[7]
  • Time Disruption: universal cataclysm threatening even Eternity[7]
  • Reality Destroy[7]

As a higher being, Slorioth offered power for invocations of his name.[8]


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