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The Sludge was a Kree micro-organism designed to eat lab waste. It lived in the sewers of a state-of-the-art lab facility located in Throneworld II, and all toxic waste was flushed down to it. This facility also stored DNA samples of lost Kre warriors such as Mar-Vell and Mari-Ell.

Under the orders of an unidentified person, the Sludge broke bad and stole several DNA samples. Since one of the affected samples was that of Mari-Ell, her daughters Lauri-Ell and Captain Marvel became involved alongside the latter's boyfriend, War Machine. Investigating the sewers of the facilty, the three heroes stumbled into the Sludge. Captain Marvel attempted to reason with the Sludge, but the creature took Mar-Vell's appearance to seemingly taunt her and extended tendrils into War Machine's armor and Lauri-Ell's Universal Weapon. Captain Marvel used a photon blast to scatter the Sludge and then dispersed it off War Machine and Lauri-Ell while it reconstituted. Captain Marvel released a full-body photon blast that scattered the creature again, while Lauri-Ell used the Universal Weapon to create force fields around each minuscule portion to contain them. A small fragment of the Sludge avoided capture and returned to its master.[1]


  • The Sludge doesn't appear to have a name, it was only called "the Sludge" affectionately by the scientists that used it.[1]
  • The Sludge is alive, but only in the strictest sense since it doesn't possess a sentience.[1]

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