Slug Gundy was a crooked lumberjack that worked in a western Canadian lumber camp owned by Jim Blake in the 1940s. When Blake was awarded a contract by the Canadian government to give out war rations of dynamite to other logging camps in the area, Gundy saw this as the perfect opportunity to make it rich and take whatever he wanted. He murdered Blake and hid his body in a hollowed out tree. In a grisly act, Gundy also severed Blake's ring finger so that he could remove a ring (one of a pair of twin rings given to Jim Blake by his wife) and gave it to Maisie, a girl who frequented the local bar in order to win her fancy. With Blake dead and his widow in mourning, Slug then pretty much took over the lumber yard. Amassing a group of loyal workers and working with lumber cutter Bulldog Schlump, they hollowed out trees and hid the TNT rations inside. Log driving the dynamite down river to Schlump's lumberyard, they then would sell the TNT over to Nazi spies.

When the Sub-Mariner discovered the body of Jim Blake by accident, he decided to investigate the murder. Posing as a lumber worker named Joe Pierre, Namor then pieced together the connections surrounding Blake's murder. Getting to close to the truth and cutting in on Slug's time with Maisie, the Sub-Mariner was overpowered by Slug and his men and dumped in a river to drown. Unaware of the Sub-Mariner's true nature proved to be Slug's undoing as Namor easily freed himself and want after him. Namor caught Gundy and Schlump in the middle of a deal with the Nazis. During the ensuing fight, the gang attempted to toss the Sub-Mariner into a woodchipper; however, the undersea monarch grabbed Slug and tossed him in his place. Gundy fell into the spinning blades and met a gruesome end.

In the battle's aftermath, the spies and Bulldog were rounded up by the RCMP, and Mrs. Blake took over ownership of the lumber camp. Maisie also learned the true measure of Slug's character and disgusted by the fact she was taken by a man who was a traitor to his country and gift her with a dead man's ring, turned over a new leaf -- also partially smitten by dashing Sub-Mariner.[1]


Slug Gundy was as professional lumberjack, his specialty was in hollowing out trees.

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