Jerkhead was a Skrull undercover agent, sent to one of the funny-book universes at Earth with orders of pretending to be a human until a signal was given. Along with fellow Skrull secret operative Starchy Androods, Jerkhead infiltrated[3] in Riverdull, USA, where both Skrulls pretended to be typical American teenagers.[2] Jerkhead was Androods' best friend, sometimes called "Pal O'Mine".[1]

Eventually, Androods married his teenage sweetheart Moronica Codger and Jerkhead became absurdly fat - to the point of breaking a door's frame when entering. The Androodses settled in a big house, had a bunch of children and adopted Moronica's father - to overwhelmed Moronica's chagrin. Jerkhead tended to appear uninvited for dinner, a situation that Moronica disliked. However, whenever Moronica uttered a sarcastic comment toward Jerkhead, Androods insisted his wife was only joking.[1]

When Chaplain America published a newspaper ad looking for a new teen sidekick, Jerkhead and Androods were interested and they queued in the auditions, but none of them was chosen for the job.[4] By that time, Jerkhead changed his nom de guerre to Slughead.[2]

Slughead joined his friend Androods, Androods' wife Moronica and[2] Androods' former romantic interest who had just returned to Riverdull Biddy Cooper.[1] The four adopted their best teenage appearance and went for burgers and soda to Poptart's cochlit's hop like good American teenager (would-be)s should. While they were there, superheroine Milk (who happened to be in the area fighting a tyrannosaur) crashed on their table and, aghast at their diet, reprimanded them for not eating healthy food. Enraged, Androods revealed that he was really an old man with dentures and wig, as there was no other way he could have been an American teenager for almost five decades. Milk left in shame while Androods kept his grumpy attitude to his friend Slughead.[2]

Eventually, the Skrull Empire activated all of his undercover agents, including Androods and Slughead, and ordered them to start invading Earth. Slughead and Androods revealed their true faces and the Skrulls succeeded taking over the planet, but apparently they lost interest or were retconned or it was always an alternate universe or something.[3]



A crown on top of his head,[2] or an alternate sawed cap.[1]

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