The Hulk was abducted by a Sm'ggani who was searching for data that would help him save his war-ravaged homeworld by increasing food production. He found it in the nails that he clipped from the Hulk, returned him to Earth, and left orbit.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Phasing of the body or a part of their body.[2]

Average Strength level



Habitat: 67% of surface covered by water in a semi-arid environment, The planet is depleted of fertile soil and food is grown using artificially produced chemicals and nutrients
Gravity: 220% Earth standard
Atmosphere: 74% nitrogen, 23% oxygen
Population: 2.9 billion


Type of Government: Republics[2]
Level of Technology: Moderately advanced with starships, but have little knowledge in chemistry.[2]
Cultural Traits: Militaristic, war-like.[2]

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