The criminal nicknamed "Small Hands" was a gangster who had a history with Wilson Fisk when he was an enforcer for Don Rigoletto. He was particularly upset following his cousin's disappearance, which he blamed on the Rigoletto Crime Family. Small Hands welcomed Fisk to Ryker's Island and threatened him, prompting Fisk to bite off his nose.

Some time later, Small Hands injected himself with MGH and personally attacked Fisk in the showers after Fisk's cellmate, Miles Morales, refused to kill him for money. The enhanced speed provided by the MGH granted Small Hands the upper hand, but he was stabbed from behind by Morales with a hook. He managed to continue fighting, and grazed Miles' face with his knife, scarring him. Fisk grabbed Small Hands from behind, and delivered the final blow, stabbing him with his own knife.[1]


After injecting himself with MGH, Small Hands gained enhanced speed.[1]

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