Tony Stark moved into his newly finished "smart house" on Evergreen Island in Lake Washington, abutting Seattle, WA. The property included a helipad, boathouse, tennis courts, medical center, and state-of-the-art construction. Dr. Jane Foster briefly stayed there to care for Tony Stark; other guests of the time included James Rhodes, Natasha Romanoff, Happy Hogan, and Pepper Potts.[1]
During the battle against War Machine, Iron Man returned to the Smart House to get a Negator Pack, hoping to disable his armor.[2]
After testing his new upgraded armor, Tony Stark returned home and chats with Dr. Jane Foster-Kincaid and Hank Pym, both of whom were impressed with the upgrades Stark has made to his armor.[3]
A while later, Pepper called his boss and towarded a call from Count Andreas Zorba, who requested Stark Solutions' services locating a treasure, but Stark declined.[4]
A few days, Stark threw a little party at his home.[5]
James Rhodes and Glenda Sandoval came to the Smart House to talk with Pepper about War Machine's identity.[6]
Aftert quitting Sunset Bain's job, Iron Man returned home to the waiting Rhodey and Glenda, then transfered Jocasta's master program into his own computers, offering to construct a new body for her.[7]
When he missed his dinner date with Rumiko Fujikawa, Tony returned home, where Pepper comforted him, and they found themselves sharing a kiss.[8]
Happy stumbled upon Tony and Pepper's kiss, leaving dejected before learning it didn't mean anything to them.[9]

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