Like his Earth-616 counterpart, this incarnation of Friday is a Kymellian smartship that belonged to Alfyre Whitemane. Whitemane, who had been observing Earth for quite a while now and had developed a great interest in Earth pop culture, named the ship after the main character from the movie "His Girl Friday".

When the Snarks attempted to kidnap Dr. Power and his family because Dr. Power had developed a matter/antimatter converter that the Snarks desired. Aelfyre sacrificed his life to save the Power family and in doing so gave powers to the Power children. These children then became know as Power Pack. Friday teamed up with these children to help them rescue their parents from the Snark nestship, and after successfully doing so restored their memories, which had been wiped out by the Snarks. The final fight between Power Pack and Meraud took place on board of Friday, during which Power Pack used Fridays mind probe device against her.

When the Snarks were defeated, Friday returned to space, promising the children that they could always call him when needed. He appeared again during Power Pack's battle with the Skrulls.


Seemingly those of Smartship Friday (Earth-616)#Powers.

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