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The Smilodons, also known as Sabretooth,[1] Sabretooth Tigers,[1] "Sabretoothed Cats",[2] and Saber-Tooth Tigers[3] were prehistoric predators to the early humans.



Around 30,000 years ago, the Smilodons were predators to the Neanderthals.[3]

A few thousand years later, they met but couldn't hunt down the Inhumans, due to their powerful weapons.[9]

Hyborian Age

Circa 13,000 BC, great-tusked tigers were used in arenas in Acheron.[8]

General extinction

Although thought extinct in the outside world,[5] the sabre-toothed tiger continued to exist in the artificial preserve known as the Savage Land into the Modern Age, as seen with Zabu.[10]

Driven to near-extinction

The Man-Apes hunting down the Smilodons to near extinction. Zabu was nearly killed at the hands of Maa-Gor, but was saved by Ka-Zar.[11]




  • The nickname "saber-tooth" refers to the extreme length of their canines. Despite the colloquial name "saber-toothed tiger", Smilodons are not closely related to tigers.

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