Snaarl is a furry humanoid creature from another dimension. The Spellbinder Zxaxz used Snaarl and a fairy-like creature called Snugg in some unknown way to help channel his powers. Snaarl and his people represent the chaos principle, while Snugg and her people represent order and this balance is necessary for the process. Snaarl and Snugg grew weary of serving the increasingly insane Zxaxz so Snaarl stole his conversion rings(which also helped channel his power) and tried to take them to his planet. The hope was that his planets elders would be able to use them to contact a new Spellbinder Zxaxz had recently found and ask them for help. Zxaxz found out about the theft, caught Snaarl and destroyed his planet because of his actions. Later while Zxaxz was sleeping Snaarl and Snugg working together using the conversion rings were able to open a portal to the apartment of the Fortune family on Earth where the new Spellbinder was located. They went through the portal, but were quickly followed by Zxaxz who began attacking everyone in the room in order to determine which of the Fortunes was the Spellbinder. Although all the Fortunes had telekinetic powers to some degree it turned out the eldest sister Erica was the Spellbinder and using her powers along with the conversion rings she was able to drive Zxaxz off. Snaarl stayed with the Fortune family even joining brother Roy Fortune's band Cataclysm as a drummer. Zxaxz tried to destroy Erica, but she became too powerful for him, while at the same time being driven mad by the Spellbinder power. Eventually Erica became too powerful to stay in the Earth dimension and so she created a portal to another dimension and took Zxaxz through it. Snaarl stayed on Earth and continued living with the remaining Fortunes and playing in the band.


Extremely agile

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