Snake-Eye Smith was a big name mobster who was active in the 1940s. He owned a number of gambling dens and became very wealthy from them. The police were unable to arrest him due to lack of evidence. By the spring of 1943, he had gotten into a new racket: smuggling. With World War II in full swing and rationing becoming a fact of life for many Americans, Snake-Eye Smith was making a killing smuggling rubber tires.

His activities were discovered by novice teen detective Shirley Booth who sought to expose Smith as a way of showing up famous boy detective Terry Vance. As she hid out in Snake-Eye Smith's yacht hoping to hear incriminating evidence, she had left Terry a note filled with clues as to what she was up to, challenging him to try and figure it out.

Terry eventually did and he and his pal Deadline Dawson and his ape Dr. Watson exposed Snake-Eye Smith's operations and turned him over to the authorities.[1]

His subsequent activities are unknown.



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