Snake Fang was a Native American medicine man who lived during the days of the American Frontier. He was a member of a Pawnee tribe led by Bear-That-Walks. Snake Fang hoped that his son, Running Wolf would succeed Bear-That-Walks as tribal chief over Bear-That-Walk's own son Arrowhead. Snake Fang also lusted for the power of Bear-That-Walk's position as he sought to trade the tribe's gold for alcohol.[1]

In order to do this, Snake Fang had the trader interested in making deals with him slaughter Bear-That-Walks and a number of warriors that were out on a hunting party. Absent from this party was Arrowhead, who at the time was recovering from wound sustained battling a bear. When Arrowhead learned that his father was murdered, he went to the local army base at Sutter's Fort. In Arrowhead's absence, Snake Fang took control of the tribe and began handing out alcohol to his people.[1]

When Arrowhead eventually returned, he overheard Snake Fang and the trader gloating over what they had done and slaughtered both, making him a renegade to his people. Snake Fang was survived by his son Running Wolf who continued to clash with Arrowhead.[1]

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